After a couple of years of contemplation, a blog is born….

So much of my decision to blog is rooted in my love of messages. Communications. Thoughts. Ideas. Philosophies. Ramblings. This idea that words do CREATE.

So what do  I want to create?….

I want to create a place where I can be a woman who “fucks with the gray areas“, as hip-hop feminist and author, Joan Morgan says. Because freedom truly exists in loving any and everything  that you want to love and not feeling the need to explain it to anyone. In a world that works diligently to shove us into the prisons of black-white…and either-or….this is a spot that’s all about the “but(ts)” and the “ands.”

So welcome to a celebration of all things nuanced…!

Everything that is uncaged, untamed, dangerous and free will find a home here. A blog where there are no conditions. Here, you will find a feminist who wears the tightest jeans imaginable and the tallest heels on Earth.  And dares anybody to question either her commitment to feminist principles or her passion (borderline addiction) to fashion. I am who I am and I like what I like. And so this is where complexity and contradiction is never reviled but revered. Never segmented and stuffed into boxes but is held up as the indicator of the evolution of human consciousness and spirit.

Here love will be explored in all of its manifestations…even the not-so-easily digestible, gristly, parts. Both demons and angels will be able to circle ’round and ’round each other here…until they realize that beneath this so-called “reality”…they come from the same place.

This is the blog of a woman who has come to a few startlingly conclusions:

1) Hip-Hop is not dead…just severely wounded.

2) If you don’t spend every waking minute shaping and adhering to your own self definition and understanding, the world will be all too happy to supply you with a vision of who it thinks you should be.

3) I have daddy issues. But I’m working on them.

4) In order to be “holy”…you gotta be “whole.”

5) As general rule, it’s better to be somebody’s poison than to be their possession…

6) We cannot be apolitical. Every area of life is governed by politics.  And whether we’re aware of this fact (or not)…has a huge impact on our lives.

6) God doesn’t care whether I win or lose. God only cares that I evolve.

7) I can find nourishment in any experience, good or bad…so I’m grateful for all of it.

Welcome to the mayhem and the madness.