Consulting Services

Like all women, I show up as many different things. As writer, performance artist, educator, public servant, mother, wife, feminist, and vessel. My work – personal and professional – finds expression through numerous channels.
Whether on the stage, on the page, in the boardroom or classroom, or in the heart-centered spaces of social justice movement building and entrepreneurship, mine is work rooted in exploration, radical healing, liberation, creativity, and love.
Whether engaging one-on-one with individuals or facilitating groups in creative, entrepreneurial, or soul-work projects, I’m deeply committed to building meaningful and sustainable change. In every partnership, collaboration, and consultation, I’m most passionate about helping people live their best and most inspired lives and supporting communities in creating a more just, inclusive, and intersectional world for us all.

If you’re ready to finally launch that new creative project….

If you’re ready to bring your vision for social change to the nonprofit/public sector…

If you’re ready to organize around a critical social issue impacting your community…

If you need help finding funding or writing grants to get your new idea off the ground….

If you’re looking for a performer, speaker, or officiant for an upcoming event….

If you need someone in your corner who not only believes that you can but will help you KNOW that you will….

If you’re ready to explore the spiritual tools that can quiet the mind, bring healing to your soul, and set your spirit free…

I am ready to help…in ways that are holistic, restorative, creative, transformative, impactful and, yes, FUN.

Please check out my list of services below and feel free to book me or set up your appointment on the Contacts page.