Creative Strategist & Writer

My writing has been featured on a number of stages and digital and print publications. Through my press releases and marketing outreach, the work of my organization, RAISE IT UP! Youth Arts & Awareness has been featured in Teen Vogue, BuzzFeed, PBS Newshour, MSN, NY Mag, AlterNet, Huffington Post and more. Let me work with you to find the right words to launch and promote any project. Whether it’s your own individual brand or vision or the work of a collective organizational vision, I can help. Whether you need to create a compelling piece of writing, are trying to pull all the pieces together for a major performance, or need to get your work out to a larger audience, I can help. For more information on where my works have been published, click here (link to my written articles here). To see press about my individual projects or the work I do through RAISE IT UP! Youth Arts & Awareness, click here (link to press page here.)