Empowerment Coach & Spiritual Wellness Facilitator

At the foundation of all my work is the assumption that we all have a purpose and that when we get in touch with our soul, hear what it is asking of us, and align our thoughts, practices, and work with that calling…we find ourselves living deeper, fuller, and more vibrant lives.
As a certified sound healing facilitator, humanistic astrologer, practitioner of indigenous, earth-centered spirituality, and scholar of divine feminine healing traditions, I have learned and used many tools to clarify and transform my life and assist others in doing the same. My work has centered on teaching classes, developing individual plans, and working with groups to develop the thoughts and actions necessary for increased inner strength, greater intuitive awareness, more fulfilling relationships, more meaningful work, and a deeper spiritual connection to everything around us. Though my work is informed by many philosophical and spiritual traditions, it is not guided by any one tradition. Rather I draw upon the unifying practices connected to love, healing, connection, and presence, that are present at the foundation of all spirit work in order to develop a unique plan for each client that can include but is not limited to:

*Meditation Practice for Building Intuitive Awareness and Healing Emotional Wounds
*Natal Birth Chart Interpretations
*Chakra Work
*Women’s Empowerment/Divine Feminine Power & Presence
*Healing Arts for Greater Expression and Deeper Connection


Contact me (link here) for your free one hour appointment where we will explore the ways in which our work aligns and how I might help you reach your goals. If, after this initial call, we agree to work together, I will schedule an intake appointment with you where we will develop a detailed scope of work which will include clear and specific goals, strategies for meeting these goals, a timeline for the work, payment options, and evaluation measurements.